Beauty Of Istanbul’s Bosphorus

Beauty Of Istanbul’s Bosphorus

People of Istanbul enjoy the spectacular view of Istanbul. They prefer to get a ferry to commute between the Asia and Europe and they enjoy this beauty almost everyday.

Istanbul is such a busy city, with a lot of traffic jam. Inhabitants contantly complaining about living in this bustling city. “The city is shortening our lives” they say. On the other hand, they love it so much. It’s like a love and hate relationship.

These does not count for the foreign visitors, they usually do not face this side of Istanbul, since they do not work here and go to work everyday. Perhaps they might have stuck in the traffic from the airport to the hotel that’s all. However people of the city suffers from troubles of a Megacity everyday.

Photos Of Bosphorus

Bosphorus cruise tour is most enjoyable activity ever. So you can take these photos during the boat tour. Turyol Bosphorus Boats leaves from Eminönü pier, go up to the Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge (second bridge) and come back.

Turyol Bosphorus Tour Boat

Turyol’s pretty boats

House By The Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge

A very different style Yalı House By Sultan Mehmed Bridge

Super Expensive Yalı Houses On The Bosphorus

Expensive Houses Of Bosphorus

Rumeli Fortress or Rumeli Hisarı

Rumeli Fortress

Yeniköy Yalı House On Bosphorus

Yeniköy Yalı

I hope you enjoy my photos of Bosphorus. Hope it will inspire you to visit Istanbul

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